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Let us help you put the, tender, loving, care back into you and your workout →

All TLC's clients are a part of a team determined to put their heart & soul into living a longer, healthier and more productive life. Daily, monthly and yearly. Being fitter, healthier and stronger. Recovering from injury, stepping back into fitness after pregnancy. Prevention of disease & new friendships.
We’re in it together.

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Hi, I'm Tamzin Leitch Complete Training. I offer a wide range of services and specialise in group fitness, triathlons, running training and I am located in Perth, Australia.

TLC promises to be fun! Let's put the heart & soul back into your training regime. My warning is be careful what you say out loud, as I’m always listening when people whisper “I would like to do a triathlon one day” because trust me, one day is now!


Services & Sessions

Training is not about how hard you worked but how effective it is. Yes you have to work hard but not like a ballistic mad man. Quality training with TLC, gets you better results. Reducing the likelihood of injuries and will certainly lead to a healthier outcome for you. #fitterstrongerfaster


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One on One- Private Training Session→

Training completely focused and tailored to you, aiming to achieve results for your specific fitness goals and needs.

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Small and Large Groups→

Small Groups - You and a couple of your friends or work colleagues, or complete strangers that I pair you up with.

Large Groups of eight or more people e.g. school groups, social groups, clubs, friends and families.

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Running Sessions →

Fancy a Friday morning run? Group running can be fun & motivating. Supportive, structured and empowering. Expert coaching for the first steps for beginners or more intense expertise for the advanced. All levels will benefit to greater and better fitness.

Fees information & Payment

Come along let us get you #fitterstrongerfaster

All sessions are based in and around The Metro North Perth Area. Contact TLC TRaining for more details:

6am - 7am → ATTENDANCE card of 10 $110
9am - 10am → always casual $15

6am - 7am → ATTENDANCE card of 10 $110

6am - 7am → running Session $5

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Wall of happiness →

2 years ago I made a decision that it was time get fit and lose weight. I gave TLC ago. With Tamzin’s help, I am happy to say that I have lost over 14 kilos and have a more toned, fitter, stronger body. TLC was just the challenge I was looking for! The workouts are always different. Tamzin is encouraging and supportive for whatever fitness goals you may have. I couldn’t recommend TLC enough!

Thank you, thank you
TLC training sessions have not only made me #fitterstrongerfaster. It has been good for my mental health too!
Heather Wallace
Never thought before joining TLC I could run a 12 km trail run, but with Tamzin’s enthusiasm and support, I did! Setting goals and achieving them.
Nicole Wreford
The weekly personal training I have had with TLC over the last 18 months has bought me to a place where I am the fittest, strongest and leanest I have been my whole life. I’ve toned up significantly and have achieved measurable goals. Tam keeps the workouts fun and interesting and changes things up so that I’m regularly working all my muscle groups. She keeps me motivated and engaged which is half the battle won!
Tam Blow
As a self described reluctant exerciser, a bit of peer encouraging got me to my first TLC group class. I started with the intention of it being a one off and with a list of personal do’s and don’ts (no running, no exercises involving coordination!) Not too challenging a TLC client 😉 It has now been 2 years since my first TLC session and I am fitter, stronger and faster. TLC has moved my butt and I have been encouraged to confront my own exercise rules in a supportive, fun, engaging environment. Tamzin has created a strong sense of community amongst her clients, which brings you back every week. Tamzin is a patient, generous PT who challenges you to extend yourself. I may not have running a marathon (or even a half) on my bucket list but I can run and even take my trainers on holiday with me!
Victoria Bingham
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Let us help you put the, tender, loving, care back into you and your workout →


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